Hot Dogs, Kielbasa, Sausage and Ice Cream at Big Lenny's in Rutland, Vermont Coca Cola Products Served at Big Lenny's in Rutland, Vermont
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  • La Dolce VT: Big Lenny’s Hot Dogs
    “Yeah, he’s my favorite. Good meat, good buns. Great homemade sauces; tops his dogs with a little patter, which doesn’t hurt, either. I’d eat that kielbasa three times a week.”
    “one of the best Hot Dog spots I’ve ever eaten at. Big Lenny’s on Rt7 North in Rutland Vermont. He’s been at the same location for 20 years. He features natural casing dogs with his awsome homemade hot relish, homemade sweet red onion sauce, homemade sauerkraut, homemade chili and hot honey mustard The dogs are to die for not to mention his Keilbasa,Italian sausage pepper & onion subs, Meatball & Sausage parm subs.”